Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn Geisha

I went to the art store yesterday and spent lots of money on a ton of new handmade papers. I also purchased some transfer paper and did some experimenting. It definitely is a learning curve and I ruined a few images but in the end, my collage for this week came out pretty well. I used the transfer paper with a vintage Japanese photo and transferred it onto a Reader's Digest book cover. I also transferred the Japanese calligraphy but I put that on one of my new papers. The fan is a rubber stamp and I added a few more Japanese papers. Because I was experimenting, the nice pattern on the book cover got covered up but, win a few lose a few.

Collage week 39
The transfer paper I used is "Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Paper". I like it because it doesn't leave a white background and you can use it with any inkjet printer. It tends to slide a bit while you're ironing so you have to be really careful.

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