Friday, July 15, 2011

Flea Market Sunday 2

This is what I purchased last weekend at the Rose Bowl Flea Market:
• Vintage stamps on envelopes for collage projects.
• Vintage playing cards for other projects
• Several pieces of crocheted lace (I really need to learn to crochet!)
• A silk scarf (new but a bargin at $3)
• A children's book (Rosalie, the Bird Market Turtle)
• An old train case (I'd been wanting one of those for awhile)
• and last but not least, a straw hat because it was so darn hot out!

Here are more pictures of things I didn't buy (but really wanted to!)

Funky metal animals- a whole menagerie!

A vintage dress that would have been way too big for me but I love the floral pattern.

Anyone need a door knob?

Really cool clock faces. Susan, the owner of the booth (#HM93) stocks all sorts of vintage pieces for artists to use in projects. If you need something special, you can contact her at

I love these lights made from mason jars. The owners of "Chandeliers" (Row W5 at the flea market) also have a really nice blog that you can see here.

I love old buttons so these bracelets really caught my attention. They were made by the owner of the booth and you can check out her blog here.

1 comment:

chandelier magic said...

Thank you so much for including me on this Rose Bowl Flea Market post!

I really enjoyed meeting you out there and hope to see you again -

Great shot of the old blue mason jar light -

Thanks again - love your blog -


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