Thursday, March 1, 2018

Inspiration Thursday

Since my blog is called "Art & Inspiration", I thought I would start Inspiration Thursday to share some of the things that inspire me. This week is vintage mail. I love old letters and postcards with interesting postage and beautiful handwriting. Most of them I can't even read but but so nice to look at!

I've purchase my old mail on Etsy, Ebay, at the flea market and vintage shops. Affordable, they don't take up much room and each one is unique. 

Postcard from Vienna, Austria dated 1912
Postcard from Hungary dated 1889
Letter postmarked in Cyrillic (Russia or Bulgaria?) dated 1880
Postcard from Czechoslovakia to Finland dated 1921
French or Italian letter dated 1822
Postcard from Hungary dated 1888
Postcard from Japan to Italy dated 1903 sadly missing the stamp
French letter dated 1867
French letter dated 1836

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