Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mouse Obsession

For some reason, I am (mildly) obsessed with felted mice. I find them completely adorable while my husband finds them totally creepy. Granted, we are having a slight mouse problem in the house right now...the pitter patter of little feet in the I can see his point. But the felted mice are soooo cute. I've purchased a few of them from various sellers on Etsy - they are so endearing in the photos that I have no control.

Here are a pair that I purchased from Mouse Stories. The maker, Ksenia, made sure I was happy with the little critters before she sent them (all the way from Russia). The attention to detail is amazing. I'm not sure which is my favorite - the cutie with the suitcase (you know I love vintage suitcases!) or the little guy wearing a kitty on his sweater.

Too cute!
Love the tiny suitcase!
Tiny knit sweater with a kitty on it

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