Friday, October 23, 2015

New Collages

I got motivated and completed two new collages. The first one is done on an old Bingo card. I letterpressed some pattern carved on linoleum block in the back ground. One pattern is printed with a clear varnish. On darker paper, the clear varnish shows up a little darker and is transparent. The other pattern is a light gray which didn't show up as well as I had hoped but does add a little texture. I then used some of my vintage wood type and printed the X and o's. For the rest of the collage, I used rubber stamps and vintage papers. (I purchased the large letter X at lschneeman on Etsy. The shop has a nice selection of letterpress wood type and other print blocks!)

My second collage is done on the back of marching band music. I was originally going to print on the music but I turned over the card and really liked the hand writing across the back. I printed my pattern in gray going 2 directions. I then letterpress printed the X, ampersand and exclamation point from my wood type collection. Rubber stamps and a few vintage postage stamps still on their envelopes complete the collage. At the top is a 1955 postmark from Vatican City.

Collage1 with the letter X

Collage 2 with wood type

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