Thursday, June 11, 2015

Excuses, Excuses

Wow, it's been well over a month since my last post. Let me list my excuses.
1. Busy designing and making my sister's wedding invitations (I will share those as soon as I photograph them!)
2. Sick. I actually got an ear infection which I haven't had since elementary school. I thought my ear was going to explode. And a cough which wouldn't go away.
3. Went on vacation (and coughed my way across 4 countries in Europe.) More on that later with pictures.
4. Sick again. Lingering ear ache and sore throat for WEEKS!!! Enough already. At least the cough is gone.

So now that I am relatively healthy and not too busy, I will share a project I did last year.

As seen on
I was contacted last year by a lovely person from Papyrus who wanted to know if I would license some artwork to them. "Of course!" I said. Papyrus is the really nice stationery store that you can find in many fine malls across America. And they have a website here. Anyway, that's my design in the top left corner. They are note cards in a coordinating gift box, printed on kraft paper. When I returned from vacation, a box of samples was waiting for me. Here is another peek. Feel free to pop on over to papyrusonline and pick up a few sets for yourself!

Eco Folk Florals Boxed Notes

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