Sunday, April 20, 2014

Russian Roulette

My collage for week 16 started with the orange square at the bottom. I saw it in my paper drawer and thought I'd pull out all my orangy papers and see what came together. I am a hoarder of ephemera and all sorts of bits of paper. So out came a font catalog from House Industries (always really cool stuff in there) and on the back was a sample of Neutraface Slab Cyrillic (basically, Russian) in the perfect color scheme. Next I found a wrapper from a chocolate bar that a Russian co-worker had given me. And finally, I used a vintage rubber stamp in cyrillic (no idea what it says) that I purchased from an Etsy seller in Latvia. Rounding it off is a scrap of handmade orange paper, a decorative rubber stamp and the inside of a business envelope (have you ever noticed that business envelopes have a variety of patterns on the inside, some in blue and some in gray, in funny little patterns to thwart thieves?). My Russian Roulette collage is complete!

Collage Week 16

A note about the Russian chocolate bar...the bar is from the Krupskaya chocolate company which was named in honor of Lenin's wife, Nadya Krupskaya. She married Vladimir Lenin in 1898 and from 1929 to 1939 was the deputy minister of education. She died in 1939 and a Leningrad chocolate factory was renamed in her honor. You can read more about her here.

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