Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beautiful Package

It's no secret that I purchase lots of hand crafted and vintage items online. Some have come in very nice, creative packaging. But I was absolutely floored today when I opened my mailbox and found the most beautiful package I have ever received. So beautiful, in fact, that I haven't even opened it yet. The seller said my package would be "well wrapped" and "packed with greatest care".  I expected some tissue in a cardboard mailer. What I received is an an envelope created from an antique document, collaged with washi tape, a vintage illustration in a paper hat and hand made labels. Stunning. Too pretty to open just now...maybe in a few days. All this from the Etsy shop Oscar Naylor, a purveyor of antique documents and other "French treasures". (You can also visit the artists' blog  La Belle Brocante to see beautiful photos and musings).
A package too pretty to open!

I do know what's inside...at least I have seen a picture. But you'll have to wait until I can bring myself to, very carefully, open a corner and slide my purchase out.

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Pamela B Briggs said...

This is the loveliest story of a package landing in a mailbox too pretty to open. I love it. I love your posts!

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