Friday, March 22, 2013

Flea Market Finds- Cigar Boxes

I collect a lot of stuff-buttons, birds, vintage children's books...and wood boxes. I have vintage cheese boxes, vintage sewing machine drawers, vintage knife trays. In my world, anything that will hold my stuff counts as a box. I have lots of them mounted on the wall or on shelves housing collections. Some hold wood letterpress type. One holds spools of ribbon.

I found these cigar boxes at the City College flea market in Pasadena and couldn't say no. My favorite is the "Mack's Best". I love the type and decorative borders. There is a bit of the label on the inside and it closes with a brass clasp. I've searched but can find no info on the company.

 I like these other boxes because they are divided (look at those cute knobs on the front!). Useful in so many ways, one is already holding jewelry supplies. One will probable be put to use holding letterpress type and if I can find a spot, will go on the wall.  And the third with the handle?  Well, I haven't found the perfect spot yet,

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