Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Flea Market Sunday

I can't believe it's September already. What happened to August? One good thing about starting a new month is that the first Sunday is the flea market at Pasadena City College. Sometimes I find a lot of goodies, and sometimes I don't. Yesterday, I found lots to buy. One item was this cute vintage book. It was originally published in 1960 and is called "Corkey's Friend". It is one in a series by Cecelia and Jean Hinde. Corkey's friend is a mouse named Slim (Corkey never actualy makes an appearance in this book and I'm not entirely sure what kind of animal Corkey is since I haven't seen the other books). In this story, Corkey is sick so Slim rides around town on his stick horse and buys gifts for his sick friend at the candy store, pet store and toy store. I was attracted by the cool palette of olive green, teal blue and melon.

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